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Our Story

The fusion of the passion and the experience of the chefs resulted in a new vision of pizza.
The sourdough is mastered to perfection and the menu offers a new and unconventional choice.
Friends in life, although from different universes, we have combined our knowledge to offer you an unexpected gustatory moment…

Mamida is …

Traditional Pizzas

Traditional Italian pizzas are known for their simplicity and the quality of their ingredients. These pizzas capture the essence of Italian cuisine with their focus on fresh ingredients and balanced flavor combinations.

Poppy Truffle

Innovative Pizzas

The blend of Italian traditions and values, combined with the chef’s boldness, gave rise to a new vision of pizza. The sourdough is mastered to perfection, and the menu presents a fresh and unconventional choice.


Excellent Wines

Mamida’s wines are all made by wine artisans.
Most of them are natural. This is a very important concept for Mamida, because a natural wine not only does not use certain products, but very often is based on respect for the land and nature.
In addition to this, it has a completely different drinkability and digestibility compared to other wines.
Finally, all the natural wines on the list are unfiltered, so they can also be classified as vegan wines.


Delicious Desserts

From the first indulgent bite to the last, our desserts promise a symphony of flavors that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

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